April 3, 2013

Easter Camping

I don't know what has gotten into us, but after camping with some buds at the Ren Faire over St. Paddy's day, we decided to venture out for a long weekend by ourselves and try our own hand at this!

We chose a beautiful encampment up in Burnet, called Canyon of the Eagles. They have two tent areas (Chimney Slough, and Tanner Point), an RV camp and some cabins and condos you can rent. I think they also do big groups there...and we even discovered a restaurant on site! This campground sits on Buchanan Lake, and there's a huge pier and kayak rentals, when the lake is up. Right now...it's down about 40 percent. There's just a lot of dirt and mud...so sad!! But you can tell it must be so beautiful when the water is up. Very peaceful and serene. Lots of space to just run around and be in nature.

We chose Tanner Point...honestly, because it was cheaper and it had awesome reviews. Also, Tanner Point only has 10 camping spots (the other, around 30). Unlike Chimney Slough, however, it does not have running water, but each campsite had access to a port-a-potty. OR as we discovered Day 2, a quarter mile walk to the AMAZING Camp Store, where you can use one of their many bathrooms, showers, access free wifi (YES!), or buy any supplies you might need. Like Shiner Bock.

We drove in late on Thursday, so the registration are was closed for the night. But never to worry, because we had pre-paid online, all we had to do was drive to Tanner Point and find our name!

Here are a few pics of our set up. I'm kind of a high maintenance camper (shocker), and so I ensured that we had a pillow top air matress with an extra piece of foam (dreamy). Also, I only got pics from our first meal, but man was it tasty!!! We did foil packets of Halibut, EVOO, lemon and sea salt, baked beans (straight from the can, baby!), and a huge batch of cornbread.

This trip was so relaxing. I can't even begin to tell you how needed it was to just get away with nothing to do. We brought books, movies (told you---high maintenance), and our hiking shoes. And did a lot of this...

Looking at things like this...

And saw a lot of this, walking around...

Just awesome!

We are planning to go again sometime in the Fall, with friends. It's just too good not to share! And maybe we'll make this a yearly Easter tradition. I forgot to mention that we did a lot of reading over Maundy Thursday (and we might have had champagne and cornbread instead of unleavened bread and wine, but what can I say?), Good Friday and Black Saturday. Perfect environment to let the sting and joy of this season really dig in. Loved it, so.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. hi friend! we ditched facebook last year and i have no way of getting in touch with you now! i called/texted your old number & realized it wasn't you. my email is chrisannabass@gmail.com now. i'd love to catch up. miss you friend!