April 3, 2013

What Happened to March?

Ok, I'm the worst. I vowed to never let an entire month go by without blogging SOMETHING!? But really, where did March go? Did you do something with it?

I guess we've been busy...

We rented out our house again this year for South by Southwest, and crashed in with my sister, Mary (and her fam), for the duration of this event. Izzy (our almost 4 year old niece!!), let us stay in her room. She's the coolest.

We did a lot of this sort of thing...

I also started working from the office again.

I picked an amazing day to start back there, because you never know when THIS deliciousness might show up from Homeslice!!!

SOOOO good.

And working from the office means, less yoga pants, more ridiculous pants/shoes combinations. So here's one  from last week.

More updates coming. Because we've done other crazy things......like camping.

Thanks for reading!

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