June 30, 2013

New York, New York!


We just got back from a long weekend, and much needed vacation to New York. Man, it was hot. Like really hot. But, we had an amazing time! It was Dan's first trip to the Big Apple, so it was fun to show him around and take in all the sights, via museums, theater, and a lot of ridiculously good food.

We stayed at an awesome boutique hotel at Times Square, which in and of itself was a total madhouse (but kind of fun at the same time). Our last day, we made it down to see the new building going up next to the 9/11 Memorial. Surreal. I didn't get any pics, but here are a few favorites from the other days.

This pic is from the Subway at Rockefeller Center, just a block away from where we stayed.
The cool dinos at the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History. I'd say we spent a good portion of our Tuesday here seeing lot of amazing things.

A view inside Central Park. I had never been here during the day, and we walked a good portion of it. I had no idea how much there was to see!
 30 Rock! It was so crazy to be there during the summer, when the ice skating rink wasn't set up. But you have to go by here when you visit NYC. So close to so much. I was really hoping we would see Liz Lemon.
The MOMA had a lot going on during our visit, and was probably the most crowded touristy thing we did. They had a photography/architecture exhibit I wanted to see that was incredible. They also had, you know, their usual fair share of crazy modern things on display, like a giant dog bed. And a barstool with wheel attached to the top. (I will never understand this.)

Oh my. I've seen a lot of shows on Broadway. This might have been my favorite. We also saw Phantom of the Opera...because it's Phantom of the Opera. Classic Broadway. But back to Once...all the actors also played musicians, so they were their own pit. So cool. And they were Irish and Czech. So double, triple cool. I have always said that the Irish are the best storytellers, and they did not disappoint. I cried (ugly) during the entire second half. And we were on the front row, so I could hardly stand to look at the cast when they were taking their bows because I had mascara all over my face.

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  1. What a wonderful trip!! So glad you had so much fun. :)