July 31, 2013

mettling at mettle

There's a group of six of us who get together on a semi-regular basis to pow-wow about the world. It helps that I'm related to two of them. I also work with one of them, was roommates with another, and shared office space with the other. We all have different stories and backgrounds. Some of us work in publishing (yet contribute to this market in very different ways), one works in a corporate office, one is a stay at home mom, and one works for an incredibly amazing theater project. It's just fun to talk about life with these women.

Last week we got together at an incredible new East Austin Eatery called Mettle.

We tried a little bit of everything. I recommend trying the Salmon Crudo and Beets for sure. The miso aioli that comes with the fries, is also not to miss.

Thanks for reading!

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