August 29, 2011

i love free junk. well, mostly.

my insurance is pretty rad. if you have blue cross blue shield, you need to look into this to see if you're eligable.

a few years back when i got on the plan with my employer, i signed up for their program called 'blue points' which is located within your personal health manager, in your online account.

since then, i began logging points and taking quizzes to earn rewards. i got a few target gift cards (which they don't do anymore. boo!) and a blender...more recently after a longer save, i got an ipod shuffle and yoga block. i have more leftover but am aiming now for some free nights at the mariott.

you know what else has been free lately?

this horrible heat.

i'm meltinggggggggggg....

stay hydrated, my friends!

1 comment:

  1. So excited to know about this, friend!! We have BCBS, too! :)