August 30, 2011

it was a pioneer woman evening

last night i made one of the most delicious meals i've ever had, thanks to the pioneer woman. i heart her. so much.

i made pork chops with apples and creamy bacon cheese grits. you can find her full blog, pics and recipes here. you should definitely check it out, not only for the how-to's but for her hilarious and witty banter.

a few changes that i made, regarding the grits, were that i only had quick-cooking grits. so i just used those, and they tasted great! i also left out the yellow onion, and used a little more heavy cream than it called for. ha!

with the porky chops, i pretty much followed the recipe to the exact measurements. it's one of those dishes where it definitely helps to have everything measured out before you get started. it's easy, but there's a lot to do!

the chops call for a dry white wine. the only white i had on hand was a sauv blanc (from cupcake vineyards). i used it in the recipe and also to drink. it is soooo very good.

on the pioneer woman site, she gives instructions on how to make one dish, then the other, and that's what i did, although she says it's very easy to multi-task both dishes at once. i made the grits first, and put them in the oven at 200 degrees to keep warm while i worked on the pork-chops.

i was inspired by PW's new show on food network, and also made a tomato salad to give the plate some color. you can see that recipe and a peek at her show here!

the hubs came home at almost the perfect moment when everything was coming together and we had a great meal!

if you try this recipe, let me know!

thanks for reading.

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