September 9, 2011

crazy fire business in central texas

it's crazy when you can walk outside your front door and see what looks like rain clouds in the distance, actually be hundreds of acres set aflame.

someone told me recently that the amount of land that was burning/had just burned in the state of texas, could make up the size of connecticut. that is a lot of land, people. in austin, we currently have fires in bastrop and steiner ranch. at this time, almost 2,000 homes have been destroyed in bastrop, and until today, only 30% of the fire in steiner, had been contained.

scary business.

i have a friend who lives in steiner and said a house right in front of her caught on fire, and the flames surrounding the area are over fifty feet high.

fifty feet.

that's the same size as putting about seven shaquille oneals together.

when disaster like this hits, it's hard to know what to do first. our east riverside small group at soma, banded together like a bunch of awesome ninjas, and collected  just shy of 300 bottles of water to give to the relief in bastrop. (288 bottles, to be exact.) capital area food bank has donation sites set up all over the city, taking food, water and clothing for those in need.

we decided to make our drop off, to milk and honey spa in bee caves. and by, "we" i mean, "me and amanda k."

i realise this is a total white girl thing to do, but hey---you gotta do what you gotta do. especially when AMANDA IS TURNING 25 TOMORROW! WOO!! and you have spa gift cards burning a hole in your pocket. purse. whathaveyou.

(i'm the red, and amanda is the fabulous grey-taupe.)

thanks for reading, friends!


  1. I know Amanda loved your time together! It's always more fun to do things like manis & pedis with a friend!
    And the eastern part of our new county is on fire. Some 50 fires were sparked Friday night when Bakersfield had it's worst lightening storm in 7 years. Several are still burning. Mostly in canyons, hard to reach place. Some evacs have taken place. All 20 miles east of us. It's a huge county.
    I sure wish we were closer to Austin. I guess Bakersfield got us a little closer...

  2. i had the BEST time ever with amanda! i always do. she is my favorite person to spa with. HAHA!

    and you are right, bakersville is a leeeeeeeeetle closer. we will get you back to texas some day, i just know it! :)