September 9, 2011

my new home-office

i guess mid-summerish, the company i work for decided that we would all go to telecommuting. this was partly due to moving/downsizing office spaces, and partly due to the cost of gas and it's ever-rising temperament. i was super skeptical at first..mostly because i really love the people i work with, and being alone all day at my house seemed really daunting. but i think it's going to work out okay.

i totally invaded dan's man-cave. he has been so gracious and says he is actually really excited to share an office with me. too sweet! i love that dude.

anywhats, here are a few pics of my newly moved in things to the office.

everything has come together fairly well, with only one minor hitch. when i was carrying my computer monitor inside the house, i lost my footing and tripped. the monitor is okay, but after a trip to the doctor, a few x-rays and a bottle of pain pills, we discovered i had a sprained foot!

check out my sweet fashion shoe! the answer is yes. anyone (yes you!) can borrow this piece of hip shoe-wear anytime! well, when i'm done with it. which will hopefully be in about five days. hopefully.

thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Love the office! Especially the cool flag art. So sorry about your foot, but am loving the red polish. Hope u mend quickly!! :)