December 25, 2011

merry christmas!

wow, we just returned from road tripping across the great state of texas. we had the most blessed christmas i could have ever imagined!

we left thursday night after dan got off work and headed to my parent's house in east texas, where my sis mary, and her familia, were already there--along with my uncle. my mom went all out decorating this was gorgeous!

we had such a great time and scored big on the gifts. dan got a for real, lightsaber. it's darth vader red. if we are friends on facebook you can see it, and all of it's glory here. ha!! we also got some cool kitchen appliances and a sweet quilt i've been wanting for a looong time. i love it! i've used it every day, so far. my mom loaded us up with goods from her shop also, like a gorgeous nativity scene i can't wait to put out next year, and lots of other treats like teas, kitchen towels, etc. mary and i also scored big in the shoe department. ha! it was a hilarious and fun time!

here's a pic of us christmas eve morning in front of the tree. dan was so awesome to go along with my matching pj ideas. :)

we stayed at the bryant farm until saturday morning, and then hopped in the car to head to dan's mamas house. we had a great drive and stopped for ice cream along the way. i love road-tripping with dan...we always have a great time and good conversation.

ok that's super blurry but what can i say? i was so excited. haha.

we had an amazing dinner at anita's...ribs, potatoes, baked beans...amazing. it was a huge treat. then we all got in our pj's and lounged around watching christmas movies by the fire. you know, a christmas carol and tron. (although, we did watch the bishop's wife christmas day!) it was so relaxing! i love being at her house. 

christmas morning we all slept in pretty late and then hung out again by the fire, chatting and watching more movies. we had a mid-day feast around 2pm of bacon, blueberry pancakes, and deviled eggs...only anita calls them "angel eggs." hilarious! they are soooo gooood. 

we opened presents with anita later in the day and i have to say...we had so much fun spoiling her this year. we went a little overboard but within our means. so worth it. i loved seeing her smile big. dan and i both got sweet gift cards and lots of other goodies i can't wait to dig into more. love it. we had a special time this evening, before dan and i headed back to austin, remembering dan's dad, ric. we had my mom's florist make up something for his grave site and it turned out beautifully. i was so glad we got to do this.

it was so touching. i loved being able to be a part of this and am just so thankful for the time i did get to spend with ric. we were able to spend last christmas with them both and we had a great time reminiscing. 

dan and i headed back to austin...full, happy and way too spoiled by our families. seriously. we went to denny's for dinner tonight, since it's one of the only places open, ha! hello, waffle.

 i'm so glad we got to spend our first christmas...even if it was just the our home, together. and man...dan, that rat--got me some awesome christmas treats. i love buying him little plushees he has around the office, like a little yoda, and an android. i's kind of a bryant thing. you should see amy's collection--it is the best. so he bought me one! it's a plushee tachikoma...from the anime, ghost in the shell...which is totally awseome. i love it. and i joked with dan forever that i wanted one in real life to do the dishes and give me rides everywhere, HA! i love it so much and it is currently sitting on our couch. he also got me massage at my favorite spa, milk and honey. it's going to be an awesome treat.

well we are off to bed, friends. thanks for reading!

 merry christmas to all, and to all a GOOD night!

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