December 19, 2011

we're going to toledo!

ok we aren't really going to toledo, ohio, and i'm sure you totally believed me the whole time you were reading the title of this blog, or my post on facebook. BOOM!

if you're just joining us, i recently had a 47 commented-upon facebook status where i listed out the places our british airway miles would fly us, put us up somewhere all-fancy like, and even give us a car. score!

it really came down to chicago or los angeles. we had a third one in north carolina, but oddly enough, that one was going to cost us double what these two cities would and require a lot more miles. it was a tough choice but we are going to SUNNY CALIFORNIA! yay!

we came to the conclusion by several ways. first of all, we felt this was more bang for our buck as far as using our points. we got our entire hotel, flight and rental car paid for by the good people at british airways (ok, there was a $5 surcharge somewhere in the flight booking...). also, we have been tentatively planing a trip to chi-town in july of 2014, and decided we'd rather see the sites there in a warmer climate. so LA here we come!

here are a few pictures of things i'm hoping to do there. other than relax and spend quality time with my totally rad husband, who by the way, just cleaned up everything from dinner. swoon!

first things first. a rad boutique hotel in LA with some great pool time.

some fun in the sun at the beach. venice, hermosa...wherever the day takes us.

i want to go to here. i so hope this happens! but it's like...really far. like really far. so yeah.

lots of seafood, to go with that wine. naturally.

and lots and lots of this.

you know, beautiful sunsets, palm trees, beach. sand. water. love it!

i am so excited for this opportunity--there are going to be so many wonderful things to see. i think the BEST tho, is getting to be with dan. he is from there...monterey, actually, and i'm so excited for him to show me where he grew up. love love love!

if you could go anywhere, where would it be? would you have picked chicago over LA?

thanks for reading friends!


  1. Oh, if I could go anywhere in the continental US, it'd be New York City. I'd stay in Trump Tower and just take in the sights. I was on the 14th floor of an NYU dorm for 6 weeks the summer of 2002 and I loved every minute of it. I'd love to go back and visit for a week.

    Int he winter, yes, I definitely would've picked LA over Chicago. Hands down.

  2. what? dan is from monterey? so is dane! did i know this? well, from hollister which is pretty much the bay area. that's where we go every san jose to visit his parents. we're going in january. when will you guys be there?

  3. lyndsey--how cool!!! i've been to nyc several times and enjoyed it--sadly NO airports up that way were worthy of our miles. ha!!

    shari, totally! he actually was born at ft. ord, where his dad was stationed but was there until he was 10. we will be there at the end of feb. bummer, cuz that'd be so rad to meet up with you there! xoxo