December 19, 2011

our weekend in pictures

well, i didn't get pictures of everything, but we did have a pretty good weekend!

saturday morning we bought tickets to an 11am showing of sherlock holmes 2, at the alamo ritz downtown. we also had lunch there which is always delicious.

after that, we had planned on going to the tea embassy to use a groupon i recently purchased, for loose tea. the tea embassy is an amazing place with shelves and shelves of loose tea you can purchase.

and they always have great samples..i tried one of their holiday teas, the nutcracker, and dan tried a green tea. totally awesome. we ended up with five different kinds, a winter dreams and several flavours of roobios: chocolate peppermint, blueberry and pumpkin. and some measuring spoons.

we also ran into my friend jana there! she was buying my christmas gift!  talk about a crazy samebrain moment. i didn't even see her when we walked in, but dan did...and he steered me into a different room and i thought he was being so weird. ha! here's my favorite picture of jana and i, from new years last year.

good times!

after this we went to lush, which is one of my favorite stores. you can buy online, but they opened up a location here about a year ago. their customer service is weird...and really in your face, but it sure beats paying shipping. you just have to put your game face and dive in!

they have all kinds of wonderful bath bars and soaps...dry shampoo, gift sets. i love it. here's a display of some of the bubble bars.

pretty cool huh? we bought a few gifts and then headed down the street to sweetish hill bakery for a coffee. and duh, chocolate filled croissants. 

it was nice to have some face-to-face time and talk about life and dreams.

sunday marked the fourth sunday of the advent season. we had a small choir at church that morning, and it was beautiful. they sang without any instruments...four christmas carols. it was so cool! 

i couldn't fit everyone in the pic...there are more ladies to the left. they did an amazing job!
dan and i have been reading hebrews together and we got through chapter nine last night, and prayed together. i love it when we are able to do this consistently. it is so good for us. i am so blessed to have a husband who makes things like this a priority.

after our family worship last night, we made a spontaneous trip to see christmas lights!! the 37th street lights (right behind my old my single days, ha!) are sort of famous. they also do crazy halloween setups. but the christmas is something else. i couldn't get a good pic on my phone, but they were spectacular. we drove through hyde park, too, and then downtown to see the west elm building. we also stopped into whole foods for bbq and to get a few things on my mother's shopping list. check out this creepy santa bread we bought. ha!

the plastic wrap makes it look even more distorted and creepy. bahahaha.

well, that was our weekend in a nutshell. pretty awesome! this week we look forward to having christmas here in austin with a couple different families before embarking on a late night driving adventure to east texas, come thursday.

merry christmas week, friends!


  1. Love it! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!! :)

  2. t-dollar. i didn't think it was as good as the fisrt one but still entertaining. :) it was kind of 'second verse, same as the fisrt' just with a different lady...but i liked it! and sherlock is a creeper at the end, in that disguise...