February 14, 2012

happy day of luuuuuv

i will always remember that our first valentine's day together (last year) i was bawling my eyes out in the security check point line at london heathrow. we were returning from an amazing honeymoon and after a bomb scare at victoria station, we had missed the heathrow express by just minutes. we caught the next one possible, but some ticket reprints still set us back and i just knew we were going to miss our flight! my husband, who had never traveled internationally before, was so calm and cool and took care of EVERYTHING. it was a bonding experience to say the least and i will always remember how close i felt to him and so protected and taken care of. awwwwwwwwww. :)

this year, we had the opportunity to celebrate with some of our closest friends. we had our entire small group over for a spaghetti dinner, worship and prayer, and the newly wed game (to which dan and i came in dead last. HA!).

this is classic larry and classic chris right here. HA! i am so glad we are friends. :) we sang some awesome songs, including, 'i've got the joy joy joy joy, down in my heart, WHERE!?' loved it.

here were our table set-ups, because i'm cool like that. yes, those are paint-chip name cards. straight from home-depot to this table. and those cans on the table have tea lights inside...formerly home to tomato sauce which made up part of our meal!

we had so much fun, and i hope we get to do this next year!

i couldn't not blog a fantastic dinner dan and i had last night, tho. first, i have to brag on this amazing prosecco we tried from greenling this week. it was so smooth...maybe one of the best ones i've ever had!

also, i found some heart shaped ramekins at target last week (3 for $9!), and made mini heart shaped cheesecakes! it is dan's favorite dessert ever, and i hardly ever make it (maybe never) since i'm lactose intolerant. i cheated tho, and used the no-bake kind and just divided up the batter into several bowls to add color to. then, after they set for awhile, i poured a few drops of red food coloring into a small bowl and used a brand new, unused paint brush to do the lettering. they turned out great!

in case you're wondering, we had stir-fry for dinner, with chicken, brocolli, lots and lots of mushrooms, grapefruit, leeks and green onion. soooo good. rice, too, and some cold cabbage soaked in miso dressing. i love combining flavors like that.

happy valentines to you all! may you be drawn closer to the One who teaches us how to love.

thanks for reading!


  1. :-) Wish we could of been there! Glad yall had fun! Who won the game though??


  2. @xylena, tristan and melissa won! :) tristan couldn't be there, but he sent his answers to chris and we read them out loud. it was a great time! :)
    @emily, everything looked so beautiful! you should be a party planner as a side job! :)

  3. yes! they totally kicked our tails! i loved it...we had some awesome questions thanks to chris and kaye. :)