December 29, 2012

Sister Christmas 2012

Every year, my sisters and our immediate families, get together at the beginning of Decemeber to have a special Christmas celebration together. We usually make our famous Hopkins County Stew, hot cocoa, special bananas--and whatever else might strike our fancy. However this year, we got pizza. Haha!

We always do gifts for the girlies (our nieces). And that is usually my favorite part. They are so hilarious! They were convinced this year that while they were having to remain at the table and finish their dinner, the Grinch was certainly upstairs, where our tree and presents were, stealing Christmas. Oh, the drama! They are too cute.

We also do a gift card exchange, which is just genius. Everyone brings a $25 gift card to fun a fun place, store, restaurant, etc., and we play a game to win them. This year, we scored big time and won a Groupon and Alamo Drafthouse card. I'm surprised they aren't all used up yet.

Here are a few picture hi-lights!

Kitchen Table. Those snowflakes were a whole 50 cents at HEB! 

We had a LOT of hot cocoa this year.


"Aunt Emmy, what if the Grinch is upstairs right now? Do you hear him?!" Haha. They insisted on sitting at this table, alone. I even tried to sit with them a few times. They were super enamored with the tiny village on the bench behind them, that my Grandma made. 

We got the girls tutus. AHHH! So adorable! Biggest smile ever from Miss Ruby!

The girls. They are such a joy!

The living room all decked out.

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Please come decorate our house next Christmas ;)